Getting started with our REST resources.

Boats Group offers a suite of REST-based APIs that provide web site and application developers with access to our publicly available data.

This documentation is intended for developers who wish to include data provided by Boats Group in their web sites and applications. It provides an introduction to using the APIs and reference material on their exposed methods and parameters.

Boats Group's web services use an API key to identify consumers. Once you have requested and obtained a key, you must include it in all of your API calls using the key parameter in order to interact with the API successfully.

Using the HTTP Accept Header and the custom Boats Group vendor MIME type, you can define both the version and format of the response that you desire.

GET /inventory/search?rows=10 HTTP/1.1
Accept: application/vnd.dmm-v1+json


If no version is specified, the latest version of the API will be used to handle your request.

Response Formats

By default, our APIs return data in JSON format. Other supported formats are plain XML and Property List (plist).

Aliases Description Example
boost The boost parameter allows you to specify a field and value to boost in the result set (e.g. put at the top). BoatCountryID|IT
currentModels The currentModels parameter allows you to filter results by current or non-current model. Use true to only get current models or false to get all non-current models. This parameter requires that models is set to true! true
facets The facets parameter allows you to specify the facets search configurations. All searchable fields can be used as facets. Facets are separated by ';'; range facets are composed of facet name, ranges (separated by ':') and uom, separated by '|'; geospacial facets are composed of facet name, radius ranges (separated by ':'), uom and lat/long, separated by '|'. make;condition;radius|10:200:300|kilometer|42.9581,-84.2076;length|10:20|meter
fields The fields parameter allows you to specify a list of the fields needed in your response. field1,field2,field3
key The key parameter specifies your API key. It is the only required query parameter. 1a2b3c4d5e6f7h
locale The locale parameter allows you to specify a locale. Supported locales are de, gb, nl, and us. us
models The models parameter controls whether the results are boat models. Supported values are true, false and both. The default value is false. true
offset, start The offset parameter allows you to specify the starting position in the response result set. Blah
rows The rows parameter allows you to specify the maximum number of records to return in the response. 10
sort The sort parameter allows you to specify a field and direction by which to sort search results. Supported directions are asc and desc. field1|asc
Code Description
400 Bad request. The error message will provide some insight as to what part of the request is malformed.
401 Authentication error. The error message will explain why the request could not be authenticated.
501 Not implemented. The API does not support the functionality required to process the request.
503 Service unavailable. The error message will explain why the service is not available for use.
5xx An error has occured. The error message should provide more information based on the nature of the error.